Matilde Redbridge

Break the Rhythm, Voices, California, Flowers and Mother – all songs written, sung and played by Matilde Redbridge and recorded at Scrofa Music.


Talk Music written and performed by Leonardo Homem and Rodrigo Lemos Recorded at Scrofa Music  

Band RS / Ipanema FM

I was approached by a radio anchor from my hometown in the South of Brazil who needed background music for his sports show. Two leading radios stations – Band Rs and Ipanema FM – were about to start broadcasting their football coverage together and the move required a new track. The track has been aired…

Interview with Talk director Callie Lane

The music is so haunting, especially the final sequence – what was it like working with Leonardo and Rodrigo? I wanted the music to be sparse and haunting I think that anything fuller or orchestral would have saturated it. I left it up to them to choose whatever they wanted within that guideline.   Like…

I am right here

Written and performed by Rodrigo Lemos. Recorded at Scrofa Music Soundtrack for the film Night of the Procession, a self-funded short film produced by Izmo Films. The brief was to write something dark, to fit the main character’s journey of confusion, anger, fear and solace. I was allowed to use as little melody or rhythm…