We have a range of experienced and qualified musicians available to add to your project at Scrofa Music Studio:

Rodrigo Lemos – composer, producer, bass player

Rodrigo Abbey road.jpg

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic composer with good knowledge of music theory as well as teaching and performing expertise.
  • Able to use own initiative and work under pressure. First-class communication and organisational skills with will and determination.
  • Composed and produced music for cinema, radio and corporate showreels.
  • International tours, gigs and recordings with numerous bands.
  • Guitar, bass and ukulele.

 Stevie Lange – vocal coach

To reduce time, expense and frustration on your vocal recording projects, add Stevie Lange to your team of professionals. Stevie is a vocal specialist and expert performance preparation and vocal style coach. She has worked on scores of recording projects in major studios throughout the past decade.

Stevie’s list of clients includes Blue, Sugababes, Limp Bizkit, Robbie Williams, Jamie Cullum, Sophie Ellis, Bextor, Lulu, Star Sailor, The Thrills, Courtney Love, Leah Woods, Girls Aloud, Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Mc Ultra, Tina (S Club 7), Dina Carroll, Mark Owen, Naiomi (Honeez), KT Tunstall, Geri Halliwell and Mudvayne.

 Gex Sierchio – pianist, composer


  • A pianist with amazing technique and passion.
  • Great orchestrator and arranger.
  • Specialised in classical music, jazz and latin.


 Alan Bradshaw – producer

Alan Bradshaw.jpg

  • Great ears for mixing and mastering.
  • Engineer,  monitor engineer, production manager, remixer, sound engineer and sound mixer.
  • Wide experience within the music industry.
  • Worked with Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Annie Lenox, and the list goes on and on.
  • He’s got patience, bags of patience.


Joe the Drummer – drummer, producer


  • Solid, reliable and no-nonsense drummer.
  • Great time-keeper (musically and arrivally).
  • Plays for the band and supports the music.
  • Listens.
  • Styles range from rock, pop, funk, soul and jazz to ska, country and most other variants of western popular music.
  • Years of recording experience, comfortable with a click, never (knowingly) sarcastic to producers.
  • (Almost) Never plays a 13/8 tribal groove over the solo in Smoke On The Water.
  • Fully click trained.

Elsa Cusido – violinist

  • Experienced viola and violin player. She has played with numerous orchestras all around Europe.
  • Excellent sight-reader.
  • Lush strings from a real life instrument and a musician holding the bow – unlike most midi-generated strings.